Introduction: Sport and physical activity in catastrophic environments – Tuning to the 'weird' and the 'eerie'

Published in Sport and Physical Activity in Catastrophic Environments

with Jim Cherrington

Edited by Jim Cherrington and Jack Black

Abingdon, UK: Routledge


In challenging orthodox notions of space, place, and identity, as well as examining how new ideas, communities and ways of living might emerge from the ruins of catastrophe, this Introduction Chapter outlines the importance of the collection. We introduce Mark Fisher’s weird and eerie distinctions, emphasising how both terms, when applied to catastrophe, demand new ways of thinking that go beyond what we know about disasters in order to recalibrate our bodies and minds to thrive in an era without precedent. Finally, from their varying perspectives, each chapter is given a brief summary, with new insights on the significance of sport and physical activity in catastrophic environments highlighted.